Thursday, January 5, 2012

52 Books in 52 Weeks - Book Two: Women Out of Control

Women Out of Control by Linda G. Stunell

Continuing with the true crime genre, here was another book I picked up at a book sale this past summer. It recounts the sordid tales of five women convicted of sex crimes, including media darlings Lorena Bobbitt and Mary Kay Letourneau. 

Written by a “certified clinical hypnotherapist and sex counselor,” this book seemed to have a hard time deciding whether to be a true crime account, a guide to female sexuality or a commentary on the media and society. It was also unclear at times whether the author was defending the women or condemning them; frequently she seemed to do both.

My favorite take-away: When Lorena Bobbitt threw her husband’s severed penis out the window of her car, it landed in front of the Patty-Kake Day Care Center. 

I could run with this, but I will refrain.

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