Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book 43 - A Twisted Faith

A Twisted Faith by Gregg Olsen

It’s amazing what some people will do in the name of religion … and this book tells the story of one man, Nick Hacheney, who exploited his position as a spiritual leader at a small church in Washington State to satisfy his own desires of the flesh.

But that’s not what was so incredible about this story. After all, we’ve heard enough scandalous church tales in recent years that we’re pretty much immune to them. What made this true-crime story stand out – for me at least – was how gullible so many young women of his congregation were. Married, single, young or old, they not only believed they were doing “God’s will” by having sex with this man, but several of them actually fell in love with him, including the barely legal daughter of the pastor.

Oh … and they also believed Nick’s story about a mysterious post-Christmas fire that destroyed his home and his beautiful young wife.

I found this book to be quite gripping, and had a hard time putting it down. I kept hoping for someone to come to his or her senses and see Nick Hacheney for the person he was … an overweight, oversexed sociopath. It was an agonizing wait. In the end, good triumphed over evil, but not before taking a lot of people down first.

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