Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Madness: Goal Review

March Madness: How Did I Do?

My REVolutions in March centered around work, and for the most part I think this year’s March Madness was a little less “mad” than usual. Of course that could be due to the still-slack economy. But I like to think it’s because I approached it with a different frame of mind. Although I was very busy, I was not frantic except for one or two high-pressure days mid-month. 

My four goals going into the month were:
  1. Budget my time.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Say no.
  4. Take a break. 

I was able to stay true to the first goal, making sure I exercised, ate lunch (sometimes with a friend), and started and ended work at a decent hour. I managed to delegate some input work during an especially busy time, and I took a four-day mini-vacation to Newport over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The only thing I didn’t do was to “say no” – but to my credit, I did more regularly say “later” or “tomorrow” instead of “yes, I can do that yesterday,” which is my usual response.

All in all, my focus on work goals was quite successful – and it cut down the March Madness to a tolerable level!

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