Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Occupy North Street: The Revolution Starts at Home

First let me start by saying that this blog has nothing to do with politics. There will be enough of that in 2012 from those better predisposed to handle it, so there’s no sense in my jumping into the fray. Second,  the name of the blog should in no way sway you toward believing that I share all the sentiments of the OWS crowd. Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. (And maybe if I knew what they actually stood for, it would be easier for me to decide.) No, I chose this title because I believe in revolution. The kind that starts at home. With little changes that create a ripple effect and have the potential to become huge … in time.

Revolutionary changes can come in many shapes and forms. From how we dress and eat and shop and exercise, to what we books we read, what TV shows and movies we watch, which websites we visit, what social networks we contribute to and how many times we smile at other people each day. From outward changes that everyone notices to those all-important “inside jobs.” And from how much importance we place on our family, our friends, our spirituality, our work and our hobbies vs. how much attention we pay to things that are external, frivolous, foolish and fleeting.

So this year, instead of making New Year’s RESolutions, I’m making New Year’s REVolutions. 

Inspired in part by Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” https://www.facebook.com/GretchenRubin and because it just makes logical sense, I will explore revolutionizing different aspects of my life each month. So far I’m planning to explore spirituality, relationships, leisure activities, household management, personal style, work and career, food, entertainment and traditions.  (That leaves room for three more areas, which I’m hoping my readers will help me determine!)

Every month, I’ll devote a specified amount of time to each of five different phases:

  • Investigate (assemble as much info as I can on the subject)
  • Inquire (find out how others have done what I’m attempting to do)
  • Implement (start the revolution!)
  • Innovate (tweak the results)
  • Is it working? (examine the experience)

Blogging will be a big part of the revolution, and will also require a certain degree of discipline (which is a bit of a revolution in itself, I think). So I’ve set a goal of at least two blog posts a week throughout 2012.

Finally, few revolutions have ever succeeded with only a single participant. So I invite you to join me in creating your own New Year’s REVolutions and sharing your experiences by commenting on my blog http://occupynorthstreet.blogspot.com/ or on my Occupy North Street Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-North-Street-New-Years-REVolutions/194398877321035?sk=wall

Care to join me? The journey begins January 1!

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